A ntique & Art Restoration is a profession practiced by a small group of skilled technicians. Modern restoration and conservation demand the use of the finest techniques, materials, and equipment from around the world. Antique & Art Restoration Center uses these international methods when restoring works of art. Our staff of conservators has worked at some of the finest art museums and institutes in the world.
A ntique & Art Restoration Center performs art conservation and restoration on oil paintings, icons, and wood sculptures. These restorations all involve repair of some degree of structural damage, as well as the correction of discoloration problems that were caused by years of interspersed varnish layers, dirt, grime, and inaccurate over painting. We offer a full complex of restoration work on antique frames, including re-creation of relieves and replacement of missing parts in gold leaf finish.
A ntique & Art Restoration Center also performs top quality restoration of antique furniture including all of the necessary steps for the best quality and finish. We have decades of experience with restoring damaged items which have lost their quality and original appearance.
We  create custom made mirror-frames and custom carvings, with designs ranging from traditional woodcarving in the style of 17-19th century to modern design. Our center also excels in traditional gilding in gold leaf finish.
Professional Experience - Our master craftsman has worked for over a decade in the Byelorussian Restoration and Conservation Center in Minsk city, (1978-1989) and from 1989-present in Antique & Art Restoration Center in the greater Chicago land area.